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10th Apr 2008, 04:30
Jones posted over on OTP fourms these videos I didn't think they would have any relevance to this forum but after watching them allot have to do with Deus Ex. So here is Jones is post.


13 videos wherein Warren Spector interviews extravagantly awesome people such as Paul Weaver, Seamus Blackley, Marc Leblanc, Mike Morhaime, Richard "Lord British" Garriott, and Harvey Smith. 3 gb of pure unadulterated awesome.

I'm currently downloading from 12 seeds and 24 peers with 1.5 MB/s. I'll be seeding for a while after I have them. Get them here while they're hot and tell me what you think when you've seen them. Any of them.



The one with Harvey Smith is cool. After watching it you find out that Deus Ex 2 had allot of problems and that as Harvey even had this to say on IW.

"We [screwed] up the technology management of it, we screwed up the... we had bad team chemistry, we wrote the wrong renderer, we wrote the wrong kind of AI, and then we shipped too early ...and then the story was even bad. In the end, we wrote uh... a 85% rated RPG that was not a worthy sequel to the original game, in terms of how interesting the original game was."

I really forgave Harvey and Warren for making Deus Ex 2 after it.

Also Warren takes about his game in video 02 - patricia_york about 2 hours and 26 minutes in he takes about Deus Ex.

"Deus Ex is the real world shouter... We won't players to feel like they are in the real world... Deus Ex is about family. What dose it mean to be a family. How do you define a family..."

Anyways get them wall their hot!

10th Apr 2008, 08:30
I gather, that you're talking about that (http://www.gameupdates.org/details.php?id=2265). Anyway, I can't download it. Shareaza shows me a file error.:(

10th Apr 2008, 08:56
I found this:

10th Apr 2008, 22:06
Yeah, stumbled upon this via rockpapershotgun a few weeks back, thats one of the main reasons I've forgiven them for the frankly disappointing product that IW was - Basically, they got in over their heads through no real fault of their own and weren't able to recover due to circumstances outside their control.

Its one of the problems of game development - Its nigh on impossible to predict what can go wrong with a game development project and its why I try as best as I can to not be too hard on bad or [Cough] not great games.

Its also in part the basis of my refusal to believe that better games aren't in impossibility, just very very hard to do often due to mitigating circumstances.

11th Apr 2008, 00:06
Thanks for posting this, looks like I was right.