View Full Version : Inspiration for Deus Ex & Similar Games

Conspiracy Theorist
8th Apr 2008, 02:33
Comparable games?

I found this link to a list of cyberpunk themed games from 1986-2003:

I looked it up as I was trying to remember the game "Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy," which reminded me a little of Deus Ex.

Both of these have Blade Runner, of course, as a common root - I would say. And that takes us back to Philip K. D.i.c.k., who wrote the book upon which Blade Runner was based, "Do Androids Dream of Electronic Sheep?" He combines the film-noir detective with science-fiction and adds plenty of paranoia and conspiracy. Is HE the origin of the inspiration for Deus Ex?

It's an amazing genre, and one well suited to our experience of the world today IMO.