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8th Apr 2008, 02:05
I don't know if anyone here has ever played condemned before. But an idea poped into my head just a while ago. Im not saying anything like make
dx3 just like how condmned was. It would be more like codemned in the sense that enemy's could attack you with blunt objects or better yet their fists. If you'r walking around some crazy dude wandering the streets could be some murderer and could attempt to kill you with...lets say a crowbar or something.

Or a weapon in the game could be brass knuckles that are kinda like Asuma's on naruto eccept without the blade at the end.So the blade part of the kuckles have sharp blades on them and an enemy could attempt to run up and punch you with these weapons. Another cool think they could do with this is you could use more of your enviorment to your advantage. So if your out of ammo and there is an enemy chasing you with a melee weapon or something.You could pick up a trashcan and hurl it at them knocking them down. Allowing you to pick up their weapon and use it against them.

So basically what I was thinking is allowing to use more of the enviorment and things around you in addition to everything that made DX1 really awsome.
So that way it would add even more ways to take down enemy's than just shooting or blowing them up or knocking them unconcious with a Stun Prod.

Plus in DX3 which I hope they will do is make it so that the way you take down enemy's has a great impact on the story or characters themselfs.
So if you go all stealth than the story or dialog or relationships you have with
certain characters will be diffarant if you went around punching or throwing things at them or just shooting and killing them.

8th Apr 2008, 02:15
1) I agree with you.

2) Wasn't this covered, at least in part, in some other threads? it's still nice to see all these ideas in one post, though.

8th Apr 2008, 02:20
Maybe in the Theams to explore one? Anyway If this should had gone in there than I guess a mod or admin can close or delete this than.
Im just pointing out something I though could work or be cool to add more
gameplay depth to DX3 is all.

Anyway if this should had been posted somewhere else just lemme know and
I can have this topic closed.

8th Apr 2008, 02:56
I think your points were spread out over a number of threads, like the weapons suggestions thread, and some thread that had a poll about whether you want your character to be more like Jason Bourne, or James Bond, etc. It's still nice to see these ideas together, in one post, though.