View Full Version : Lots of areas that vamps can't climb

19th Dec 2013, 02:07
One that particularly comes to mind is the broken up building near the centre of the map.

19th Dec 2013, 17:50
I think the pathing for climbing is going to take a ton of finetuning. It's not just Sommerdamm that lacks logical climbing points.

19th Dec 2013, 20:03
Lets say something positive about this map also.
This map is such a beauty compared to the other maps.

As a human and vampire you can have a easy or hard time killing enemies it all depends on team work in this map.

I notice that a hunter and alc and reaver are pro's in this map but a Sentinel and Tyrant are also great if you can play those classes correctly.

19th Dec 2013, 20:05
This is a bug report not a discussion topic.

Here would be more appropriate http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=8601

21st Dec 2013, 20:16
I got stuck in the doorway of the burnt building in the OP as a scout. Right on the entryway, the floor, not against any wall.

Was the doorway facing the covered archway leading to the raised wall against the side of the map.