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4th Apr 2008, 22:25

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

Eidos-Montréal is proud to announce the recruitment for our 2nd “AAA” project.
… A hint! The title begins with the letter “ T ”…

Coupled with


the first two games we develop will revive successful franchises


4th Apr 2008, 22:30
Surely that would be too good to be true. That said, I'm not quite sure I see how they'd go with this one, for instance, would it use Garrett, who/what would the protagonist be and where would it fit into the existing game world. All that said, the room for potential and surprises in the story/game, I am most certainly interested and curious.

Would we finally get to see the sometimes wished for Ms Garrett.

4th Apr 2008, 22:33
The Silent War - Alliance ?

5th Apr 2008, 05:49

Oh, my!

That may mean Eidos would recycle other titles, like Commandos, too.


Get back to the core, Eidos, offer what your fans want and then you can have the money to make new IP. Fans want more of the old stuff (when gameplay was the essential part of gaming, not graphics).

Graphics attracts the PC gamers with uber rigs, but they usually don't stick around to keep the franchise going. For that you'll need to keep the modders happy -- and with DX, we'd more appreciate better 3D models than a new game (okay, had to throw that wish in!).

5th Apr 2008, 07:57
Oh my, go to facebook and do a search for Stephane D'Astous...


5th Apr 2008, 10:06
Tinkerbell: Time for revenge

... :)

5th Apr 2008, 10:17
...which revives a successful Eidos franchise.

5th Apr 2008, 11:41

6th Apr 2008, 01:59
Hmm...two Warren Spector takeovers in a row?

6th Apr 2008, 08:17
Well, it's not like both series haven't been revived at the same time before ;)

6th Apr 2008, 08:33
Oooooooh yess! Good news indeed. At last the original stealth game comes back to wreak bloody mayhem on its copycats! I've been replaying T3 for ages (sadly I haven't played Thief I or II in a long time, my LCD monitor can't distinguish between the levels of black that dominate the game :nut: )

8th Apr 2008, 19:02
If there are Nippon, Ninjas, Sela, Oriental Weapons, Dynamic Weather Effects and Rising Sun, there will be trouble.

8th Apr 2008, 19:35
Actually, could someone please clarify about this whole copy cat thing with some examples, because whilst I've seen plenty of FPS' that end up being derivative by putting stealth elements in at one point in the game, I can't think of any games off the top of my head which are cynical (Or otherwise) copies of the Thief series. Ty