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3rd Apr 2008, 22:18
Ok, standard dump thread for our (well thought out, capable of being implemented) ideas regarding protagonist development in DX.

Let's face it, most everyone will agree that one of the best things DX had going for it is the character development tools: Augs, skills, weapon mods, weapon selection, lethality.

I think it would do DX3 some good to maximize the sheer amount of crap you can do to define your Emile. I'd like to see the apt neglected clothing aspect.

Games like Oblivion and VTM have shown it's possible. Both DX and DX:IW used in game rendering for most cut scenes, so multiple character models could definitely be done.

Most people didn't mind JC's look, and would like it to return, but I can't see that happening without the REHASHIN' GAEMS!! backlash. Alex's look was certainly different, but better? I'm sure there are plenty of varying opinions. So how do the developers ensure the character will be liked or at the very least accepted? I think an additional clothing selection screen at the start is the way to go

Choosing gender and ethnicity are most certainly going to be in DX3, but I'd like it to go just that one step forward and include a small (nothing massive) clothing selection screen at the start where you can select your attire for the game. Nothing too complicated insomuchas pickups in the game to modify yourself, just an initial selection of specs, shirt, pants, boots, jacket. Perhaps a color/hue slider to make it perfect. If halo can do it, why not DX?

Am I crazy? Am I brilliant? What do you guys think?

Anyone have any other ideas?

3rd Apr 2008, 23:48
Bring back the choice of hair and the more freakish skin tones. Any game that gives me the choice will have me playing as a pale haired, borderline albino, kinda like in real life. One of the main dissapointments when choosing your character look in IW was it ultimatley came down to gender and the generalized 3 skin tones, and all of a sudden I felt like I was playing the original sims, not a good feeling. Granted DX made it impossible to be female, but at least I could be a ginger. I wouldn't maind seeing the trenchcoat, and let's face it there has to be a trenchcoat, more fitting, not on the anime-ish level, just a bit more "custom". I like shiny black, so the original Denton was great IMO. The armour looked believable but concealable. unfortuanately, many games are going on of two routes, the walking tank such as Marcus Phoenix wearing, or somewhere inside, a lumbering suit of armour more at home in the 41st century than the Lucky Money, or the half torso monstrocity that many western developpers think is a good idea because it worked in Advent Children. Also the social aspect of the character needs a lot more work than IW put in. I went from a deep political argument concerning dictatorship's benefits and generally one of the most badass muthalovvas in dystopian history, to an overly feminine prick who insulted random people in the street even though I had opted to help the order by that point. Alex reeked of boyish fantasy trying to appear big. I could summerize the game on camera by giving an ironng board a peashooter and stomping it around a red light district, a council estate and a trekkie convention. Actually make the character likable, in the badass sense but for heaven's sake know when to draw the line. If I have to play Tommy Testosterone insulting everyone I come across just to assert my dominance then I'm going to give up on him fairly quickly and treat it like any other FPS. Make the augs more significant when you come across them. In DX an upgrade canister justified an adventure in itself even if they never required it. In IW they could be bought, honest to god walk down to the local off license and throw one in the trolley. I'm not sure who thought it would be a good idea to go from "WOO!!! UPGRADE TIME!!! HOLY CHRIST IN A BUCKET THIS IS REGEN!!!" to "wow, another three canisters, and regen is already maxed" even if there was an occaisional sense of relief when you found a black market, but that ran out because augs were so damn generic by the end and finding a really good one was nigh impossible or handing to you so you took it for granted. If I was running through the Versalife building and found a canister that gave me bot dominate, I would have counted my lucky stars, in IW I just shrugged it off as "ooh, a black market one, this'll be helpful". Skills need to stay, and NPCs should take more notice of your actions. I was really dissapointed not to see more of Paul after I saved him, and a congratulations would have been nice for not killing any UNATCO bar Manderely on my way out of the MJ12 base. The fact that you felt guilty for killing someone on occasion was great, and I just wish that the game had people surrendering instead of running around harmlessly searching for an alarm.

4th Apr 2008, 09:39
This is the thing I am the most worried about. It seems with every FPS, and games in general these days they are dumming down character options.

I just hope they atleast keep the level of options simular to the 1st game.

4th Apr 2008, 14:19
Yes make more choice on your own look is good ....
like the coat the face, the hair brush, the trousers ....
not give a big choice between each but 3-4 per parts (more for the faces) and the gender of your character like DX 2 ...

An other thing can be added but I don't think the people here like the idea ...
I propose this:
Some augs / biomods can change your appearence to be something like a mech, an animal (a sort of mutant) or a like the JC look ...

For the mech appearance ,we can be something like gunther, anna navarre, somethnig like terminator, Jordan shea (barmaid in hell's kitchen), be more armored or get only some mech parts like arms legs ....

For the animal appearance, it's a sort of reptile skin, gills or something like this but keep some style for exemple a chameleon skin for the invisibility :D

For JC it's JC :D nothing new

We can use some mix of the three like a mech arm, a reptile skin and keep our human face

4th Apr 2008, 21:12
Making yourself look animalistic seems a bit bioshock to me, or at least not deus ex, though I do think some augs should be more blatant, so attract more attention, than others. Nothinf insane as nano augmentation's main selling point was it's social camoflage value, but just the little features like the blue exagerated veins. I would really like to see some secondary biomods that directly affect the HUD, and maybe dependant on certain other features, so being trained in demolitions might allow an installation to highlight LAMs for you.

5th Apr 2008, 04:48
hmm i remember hearing somewhere that the new DX was going to be before the previous games, when the augs and biomods had just been created and utilised. So i dont think they would be as "discreate" as they were in DX and DX:IW.

Im not saying to implement something crazy or exaggerated like massive bionical arms coming out of your back, but smaller, more flashy mods. Possibly like having a bionic eye that directly modifies the HUD like someone else mentioned before, maybe like a zoom funtion or thermal vision etc etc.

The character modification option was also an interesting feature. Being able to modify the main player would be something to immerse the player deeper into the game. Not something huge like The Sims or anything, but being able to choose your players look would be cool. Mass effect pulled it off really well, if a little annoying.

Adding a clothing option would really change how you remember the game i think. It worked for some other titles i can remeber. And i dont mean loads of similar basic clothing that still make you yearn for more.

5th Apr 2008, 05:43
This is the thing I am the most worried about. It seems with every FPS, and games in general these days they are dumming down character options.

I just hope they atleast keep the level of options simular to the 1st game.

DX3 should expand the options, as those who play the game -- and especially mod it -- are more cerebral.

I know Eidos will probably market it as a FPS shooter, but it's hybrid nature can pull in even the RPG (and especially the MMO variety) market. Today gamers want more character customization (if the game doesn't offer it, they'll mod it to change the appearances).

What Oblivion offered was outstanding. Not only could I make the character actually look like me, everything right down to the chin, eyebrows, cheeks, forehead and actual skin tone (not just some graphic coloring) could be tailored. If DX3 incorporated that in the game, it'll really live up to the RPG aspect of it's heritage!

BUT, if we're going to play JC, customization would be more like skin tones; hairstyles; physique; and maybe clothing -- but please offer the retro look (trench coat; shades; body armor of DX for a modern model) for "old skool" fans. Too tired of the paintball armored look of current FPS games (why does this business copy so much from each other??).

5th Apr 2008, 18:17
How about make it So that we have at LEAST 30-50 Diffarant
Clothing options in each piece of clothing. 30 Shirts 30 jackets 30 pairs of boots or shoes. Of course have them all stuff that could be stylish and something that the military would want its augmented hero's to wear in combat. So no Pink dresses XD

Secondly I think we should be able to create A small bio on the characters like their favorite food and color and in some small way have that effect the game in some small way wether it be a email or a conversation. Like if you pick Pocky as your favorite food. Than the game with a built in speech function...useing their voice of course. During a conversation in the game if somone asks what they would like to eat and than they would reply with the
item you put down as their favorite food.

Also you we should have the main character make more choices that would
effect the story. Like ones where in DX one where you can go into the girls
bathroom and get chewed out for it. Make MORE stuff like that. So the more bad or immoral stuff you do the lesser your comrads will think of you. Than the more good choices the better you are treated and so forth.

5th Apr 2008, 18:37
Just incase this gets misinturprated on the way, let's clear it up right now: NO ALIGNMENT BAR. I completely agree that NPCs should take more notice of what you've done in the past but we don't want an alignment bar, they're too damn linear to do the game any justice. I think we're all agreed on that subject, so back to more important aspects of this thread. I would like to see certain physical aspects affect how people react, so instead of just having a rough desccription of yourself given as a fugitive, have people like manderely and the older/proffesional people react to you differently if you have unorthodox features or non regulation hair lengths/uniform pieces.

5th Apr 2008, 20:03
I completely agree that NPCs should take more notice of what you've done in the past but we don't want an alignment bar, they're too damn linear to do the game any justice.

Well, the we only applies to DX2 lovers, which is a v-e-r-y small subset of the fanbase. ****

DX hardcore fans wouldn't care, as there was no alignment bar to begin with.