View Full Version : what does lara do when devs are making another game?

2nd Apr 2008, 03:54
ok, it's been 12 years since the first tomb raider now, and we have 6 chronological games... that means lara can have one major adventure each 2 years... that just don't make sense... why the game facts have to happen on the real life present time? its an absurd, it could happend in a shorter period of time, so lara wouldn't be so old, and things would make more sense :)

2nd Apr 2008, 17:50
I find it to be like they do James Bond. No matter at what time the story takes place or is made there is sort of a timeless quality to it.

Chronicles had four different missions that took part in different periods of Lara's life.

So just because we've seen the major missions in Lara's life doesn't mean we've seen all the things that she's done over the years.

Remember tomb raider gold and tomb raider 2 gold. And the lost artifact.

So intruth Lara has gone through 1,2,3,4,... 9 missions not counting anniversary or underworld. And there are probably more missions for her to go on.

2nd Apr 2008, 20:00
Lara are sat in the dev's mind making them make a new fantastic adventure for her. :rasp:

Mangar The Dark
2nd Apr 2008, 20:12
A few things to consider:

1. The boring obvious answer: Lara's not real, so she does nothing while the developers are working on a new game.

2. IF Lara was real, then her adventures would probably take longer than they do in the games. For example, in the games, she appears in another country within a matter of seconds. In real life, she would spend several hours on a plane, not counting the time it took for her to make reservations, pack, plan her expedition, stock up on weapons, etc. Even while actually raiding, nobody can run around that long without taking breaks (when does she eat, sleep, etc?) So, she has less time between adventures since every adventure would take longer than shown in the games.

3. As Fickji said, we're not necessarily seeing ALL of her adventures. Chronicles showed that there were other adventures we didn't know about.

4. We don't actually know what years these games take place in. I think only TLR mentioned a specific year. So, as far as we know, maybe all of the games are taking place within a span of a couple of years. After all, she never seems to age much. If that's the case, then she really doesn't have much time between adventures.

(wow, I really gave this too much thought....)

2nd Apr 2008, 20:18
Yes, but you made perfect sense Mangar. It is no more or less than I would have said or someone else. :)

2nd Apr 2008, 21:16
Maybe she's recovering from all those cliffs you made her fall off of.