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27th Mar 2008, 01:14
Don't know what engine DX3 will be using, but I hope that they will allow players unlimited slots to save games. It seems now the new games limit the saved slots to less than every level even. In DX you had 999 saves possible, and it was necessary, if you ever wanted to go back and replay a good scene.

In DX the saved files were h-u-g-e (over 15MB a piece for some, but compresses v-e-r-y well), but noticed in Oblivion even they got them down under 4MB. Perhaps this is possible in DX3?

With ever larger HDD systems now, it shouldn't be a problem having as many saves as possible. Ten slots just doesn't cut it, especially when DX is a game of a lot of exploration (at least I hope DX3 has a lot of tunnels, back ways, and hidden areas to find).

Secondly, with games that employ Havok physics, I notice crates aren't breakable or even stackable. Maybe it's due to the gravity, since often devs tweaked it to such levels if you just walk by a shelf, the items will fall from it or down (ever tried stacking books in Oblivion without the sensitivity causes them to jump back; or walk pass a shelf in F.E.A.R. and watched everything bounce around and off, even though you were at least a foot away to impact it?).

Just can't see Deus Ex without those crates, either stackable or breakable. Yeah, it's unreal as folks in RL don't take crowbars and wack crates to open them, but it's such a fun way to obtain goods. It's like finding Easter eggs, but these contain goodies. Having three versions, helped to identify which crate you needed to open first, if space was limited.

Can DX10 bring back those crates as before? If not breaking them with a crowbar, how about hacking into shipping crate cargo bins for goods, instead (need more hacking than just terminals)? And we can stack them to get to upper levels and vents?

Miss manipulating the environment to use props to accomplish tasks. Be it the lonely trash can used as grapeshot to kill patrols; to using the grenades and LAMs as ladders to climb around. Creativity to save precious ammo, instead of wasting it all on the patrols, and hoping in a vent somewhere is a box of 10mm or 7.62mm ammo.

Not a modern game I played has such fun. Seems everything I played with in DX, and isn't included in another game, is a flaw in game design.

27th Mar 2008, 01:43
ya i noticed by the end of Crysis, i had like 100 saves or something like that, because it makes a separate file everytime you quicksave. it was a few hundred MB on the HD but thats like a drop in the bucket so shouldnt be a problem in DX3.

Im also pretty sick of the Havok engine. They keep marketing it like its still revolutionary or something. It's over 5 years old, give it up already. Although im not a big fan of using objects to stack like a ladder. In real life you couldnt use a bunch of LAMs to create a 10-foot ladder. Its silly. But certain objects should defnitely be stackable, like crates. Very good for exploration, like you say.

27th Mar 2008, 12:43
The Half-Life 2 physics engine is almost perfect but the game relied a lot on stacking things that never seemed to have any wait behind them and would easily bounce or slide off of other objects and led to some really frustrating parts. All I can say whatever Eidos choose to do, do it well lol