View Full Version : holy crap! that was freaky! did anyone else see that?...

27th Mar 2008, 01:14
one night, when sneaking into the forbidden library...
all the way on the top floor, when Gamall is the only one up there (on another night Caduca is up there, i don't remember which one.) you sneak past that final walkway that overlooks the lower levels of the library, all the way to that office with the large desk...when Gamall walks in, if she isn't suspicious that someone's around, SHE GROWS LIKE 2 FEET TALLER!!!!!

the first time i played this, it was on my roommate's Xbox, and i thought that it had to be a glitch or something, but maaaaannnnnn it freaked me out. later, after i moved, i decided i liked the game so much i had to buy it for my PC, so i purchased it through steam. i had completely forgotten about this incident, so when it happened again, i freaked out all over again. then i remembered, so i was like "oh yeah....." but that could be kind of a spoiler that Gamall is the Brethren and Betrayer, but i guess i didn't pick up on it the first time, so...

27th Mar 2008, 01:46
If you could record that, or get before and after screenshots that would be incredible! I hadn't heard of this.:eek:

27th Mar 2008, 02:12
what's a good (and free) program to use to record in-game video?

27th Mar 2008, 02:38
Most people use FRAPS (http://www.fraps.com/download.php), but some have problems getting it to work. Very popular, though.

27th Mar 2008, 03:02
well if you downloaded Xfire: www.xfire.com then you can use the ingame option of Scroll Lock and S to take a screenshot (but you have to get XFire working ingame first, which i haven't been able to do)

granted that's just for a screenshot not a video

27th Mar 2008, 03:05
Yeah, it's a known phenomenon, and IIRC the consensus was that it's a glitch in the model, not something planned as a secret hint or anything. But I could be remembering wrong.

27th Mar 2008, 03:19
A glitch only in that particular model? If so, a happy coincidence!

I've had no luck so far finding any posts or texts about it anywhere. I wouldn't be able to search outside the English language, though. Heh. I'll keep looking. Gotta find that elusive key-word combo, and try to misspell it correctly. :p

27th Mar 2008, 04:53
thank you!!! i'm so glad someone else has seen it.

geez....i thought i was crazy for a while there.

yeah, jtr7 - i've searched all over, and i can't find any other mention of it. not to say that it isn't out there.

and i don't know if it's a glitch
- i've seen it on both the Xbox 360 and PC versions
- it only happens with that one model - of the character that happens to be a shapeshifter
- it doesn't seem to happen whenever Gamall gets suspicious. i.e. if she goes into the "is someone there?" AI routine, she doesn't do it.
- this is very subjective, but she doesn't look glitchy when she does it. the transition seems smooth and consistent. i know that doesn't really mean much, but it gives me that "gut" feeling that it's intentional. and we all know that computer programming depends on intuition, right?...

you know, maybe i should try and contact one of the artists/designers...

27th Mar 2008, 04:58
Yeah, this intrigues me. It's either a hell of a coincidence, or possibly a vestige of an idea that didn't work as well as the devs hoped.

Does the model stretch or does it scale evenly in all three dimensions?

It would also tie in to all the Alice in Wonderland references in the previous titles. I'm joking, of course...maybe. Yes.

21st Apr 2008, 09:02
Also, I understood exactly how it works! Let me explain...
When you complete one of the missions at the docks (I completed the captain Moira's mission first), you wake up at the keepers sleepsie room. If you visit the top floor of the forbidden library, only Caduca is up there. And guess what... IT WORKS WITH CADUCA TOO!
Sneak past her (watch out she doesn't get suspicious!) and enter the final room with the large office. Steal the loot and hide in the shadows... Wait for Caduca to come back. When she gets back, she notices the loot missing, gets suspicious AND GROWS TALLER!!! I was really freaked out. She also gets thinner! :eek:
So, this proves it is indeed a glitch. It is a coincidence because it works with Caduca too.

23rd Apr 2008, 14:29
Haha, that's cool. :D Could anybody record this, please? :D