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Tech Sergeant Kaplan
26th Mar 2008, 12:55
I have long awaited news of a sequel to DX 2. Oh how I loathed DX:IW in itself it isn't a bad game it just doesnt hold a candle to the original DX. Our expectations are very high hopefully the developers will live up to them. I hope to god they make DX:3 as good if not better than the second one. Lots of dark moody settings, ominous characters, plot twists, seedy nightclubs, wierd assed swords etc. I digged the run down cyperpunk urban theme going on in DX sooo coool.. IW looked like something out of Star Trek :[ oh dear lol. DX3 should definatley have the 'Blade Runner' feel. My favorite film is Blade Runner Favorite game... You guessed it: DX

Ok so if it follows off from the 2nd so how will it go?? from ApostleCorp's Great Advance? If JC is even in it. I presume the new DX will lead from this ending just going on the hunch that JC will return to be the protagonist, the game will have bio mods included its definate from the teaser and bio mods are an integeral part of the series. So if they are going to carry on with the story this must be the viable option.

Or will they just have a whole new sstory and new characters?? Im not sure.

I hope the ominous MIB's are back, characters like Walton Simmons and Gunther made the original DX great. i thought the new characters in DX IW were too plain and I didnt care much for any of them.

Just hope JC is the player. Tracer tong should come back, It sholdnt be all to futureree, but more cyber punk, lots of old mixed in with the new. Gives it character. Please please dont simplify it should just be PC only at first. We all know PC's are the home of FPS's and RPG's.

The whole conspiracy story worked so well for the first DX. I hope they bring in a decent scriptwriter, and bits from fictional novels, The Man Who Was Thursday, stuff like that etc. I enjoyed reading every bit of information that was scattered around DX it was interesting and cool.

If DX 3 is a flop I will melt down my DX CDROM and inject it into my veins for maximum DX goodness.

and yes 'My vison is augmented'

what you guys think will hapen???

27th Mar 2008, 00:47
!! Mad Max, Mad Max, Mad Max !!

Then add a tad of the Matrix.

And you have Deus Ex.

Closest sci-fi I can think for DX3 would be from Aliens (very intricate artwork, with that space pirate feel -- gritty, dark, industrial -- plenty of metal and gang planks. Perfect look for some underground weapons lab). The weapons alone would be cool in DX3, let alone that bot Ripley used to battle the queen.

We really need a bot we can commandeer -- throw a scrambler grenade and run in and take over.

If DX3 will have a MP, the bot wars would be kewl. It's the fun part in FPS games to get the vehicles.

Tech Sergeant Kaplan
27th Mar 2008, 10:34
Hmmm, i dont think they will go with vehicles, it would be cool tho. Can we have a crazy futuristic taxi driver ala bruce willis from 5th element.

I think the black helicopter should definatley be playable in the game as a means of area transition? should be cool. yeah black helicopter! bring back jock,

Bio Denton
27th Mar 2008, 10:54
No no no! That's where everyone goes wrong! Don't try and make DX better (forget DX:IW) just make it exactly the same! New weapons, new story line, new graphics and leave it at that.