View Full Version : PC and the coop offline ?

25th Mar 2008, 19:27
Hy everybody !

I have juste finished the game in few days, great game ! I'm just disappointed about the end... But i want to restart the game with my sister. Its possible to restart with her, who she play with a gamepad and me with the keyboards + mouse with the same game and the same pc ? (no lan, no live...)... I want to know because i dont understand the term "split screen" and i havent got a gamepad yet... But if its possible to play in the same pc, one with the pad, the other with the mouse, i'm going now to pay a good gamepad !

Thanks for your answer !

Sorry for my english but i'm french (so if you want to correct me no pb !)

27th Mar 2008, 06:32
I sure you know !

1st Apr 2008, 07:38
Up !

4th Apr 2008, 05:26
You can play, but if I remember correctly, you need to have Xbox360 controller for PC.