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24th Mar 2008, 16:25
So for example, in the real world we have different makes of weapons, different makes of food, different makes of robots or equipment. Etc etc, you get the idea. Obviously then it would be a nice feature to be able to see this reflected in the game. It would mean more modelling of course, but it would be faster to add this to the game than for some other sugar coatings they could add.

24th Mar 2008, 16:52
t would lead to too many complications for the player IMO, especially weapons as I have already voiced on the weapon suggestions thread. 3-04 weapons that only vary slightly and all serve the same purpose would be annoying, you'd constantly be picking them up when you didn't want them like the knives at the end of DX1, only bigger and with about 1 redeeming quality over your current weapon, which has alreadt been modded insanely as you chose it for a reason. If the weapons serve a different purpose, then include them, but several identical weapons with slightly different modeling and +5% x is tom clancy territory. Not somewhere you want to take Deus Ex. Do it with foodstuffs by all means, but if there's an effective weapon, don't bother having the national equivelant for where you are. We already have standardized ammunition with 5.56 and 7.62, and if the producer gains a monopoly, which is more than likely given Deus Ex's portrayal of the future, then there would be very little competition for the title of "standard weapon". It is easily justifiable to have a single type of weapon for each purpose, it would not be a big deal to use a foreign weapon and the only time people would actually give a damn what weapon you were using would be as you march through the enemy base masquerading as one of them, so it would only be significant for a few levels where in all honesty you should both have the best weapon available because it only makes sense to be well armed.

24th Mar 2008, 17:04
This will only make sense if different makes of guns will also provide different type of gameplay. Otherwise, they'll just make a mess. Why, for example, would you want 10 types of differently shaped pistols, but each doing exactly the same? :scratch: Does it mean that you'll be choosing "pretty" pistol instead of "ugly" pistol? Please.

24th Mar 2008, 17:18
This will only make sense if different makes of guns will also provide different type of gameplay. Otherwise, they'll just make a mess. Why, for example, would you want 10 types of differently shaped pistols, but each doing exactly the same? :scratch: Does it mean that you'll be choosing "pretty" pistol instead of "ugly" pistol? Please.

LOL... If there been different shapes of guns and pistols. They should have different abilities. Like some older revolvers, can't be attached with silencers. For example. Or different looking guns and pistols should have different kind of damage values and if there will be weapon jamming, different kind of class of quality. But just having different looking guns and pistols for fun, would be waste of resourses to the game devlopment. Would it ? :scratch:

24th Mar 2008, 17:21
I talked about the variety in a post called guns ammo and mods .....
I agree with you because I've proposed the same thing

For the variety its sounds good but we must have some different functions about all kind of items and weapons
Some weapons has the same uses as DX1 or eventually DX2 but we can enhances it
Each weapon has some aviable mods for its own upgrade, something like DX 1 but we can enhance the DX 1 system

We have some posts with this stuff .....



For the pistols we can get
a standard pistol
a high caliber pistol
a revolver
a laser pistol
a plasma pistol
a stealth pistol
a machine pistol
an auto pistol
and maybe more
Each guns have it's power, effect, upgrades/ accessories, clip size, ammo types and ROF ...

24th Mar 2008, 18:40
Yea I think I agree with your critcisms about the different makes of weapon. But they should have a wide variety, Im sure we can agree on. I like the feeling that Im in a large complex world.

Still my ideas arent just limited to weapons, its the food, some equipment looking different or vehicles and a load of other things. How this could work in game like, if you are in some guys house and he has an energy cell maybe it would be a commercial grade and not have as much energy as one might find in a high tech facility. Consequently it would look different as well. Simple things like this would help immerse the player more I think.

25th Mar 2008, 12:39
well, if you make several version of the same thing based on the manufacturer, things would be too confusing. I think i settle with someone's idea with the Legal - Black Market version of weapons.

25th Mar 2008, 12:52
If you have different grades of item it won't become a case of "this is microshaft, this is addle" it will become a case of "this is level 1, this is level 2" with food it makes sense-ish in that there are different types of food like in IW, but with other items we have to remember that this is Deus Ex, the lower class are purposefully weakened through taxes and the use of monopolies. Monopolies won't make 50 brands of soda when they only need to make 1. Frankly, civilians shouldn't even have biocells, it kinda makes the player a bit generic. If there are a small army of weapons it might seem like an involving addition but eventually it will become a god damned inconviniende as you carry out the chore of collecting weapon from corpse after making room for it, dropping corpse elsewhere and then picking up old equipment to re arrange inventory to how it should be. Have defined weapons with their own role, not 12 assault rifles, 3 snipers, 8 pistols and nothing for mid range. If you want to make minor adjustments to your weapon's function, use a mod.

25th Mar 2008, 16:28
Perfect Dark anyone?
In this game you could have a lot of weapons and some of them were almost similar... but the thing is that almost every organisation, police, army or whatever had its own brand of weapons. Really great for immersion. As far as I remember, there were even logos on some weapons, reminding the player where he got them... Wouldn't that be great in DX?

25th Mar 2008, 18:21
In DX 1 we have some items of the same type

-Combat knife, Throwing knives
-Sword, Dragon tooth
-Baton, Crowbar
-Riot prod
-Pepper gun

-10mm Pistol, Stealth pistol(10 mm), PS20

-Assault rifle
-Sawed off shotgun, assault shotgun
-Sniper rifle

-GEP gun, LAW
-Plasma rifle

-Scramble grenades, EMP grenades
-Gas grenades

In DX 2 we have something like DX 1 but the variants are a special item

-Combat knive, Toxin blade
-Baton, crowbar
-Stun prod
-Energy blade, Dragon tooth

-Boltcaster, hellfire boltcaster
-Mako pistol, Red greasel hunter, Assassin pistol

-SMG, Widowmaker SMG
-Sniper rifle

-Mag rail
-Rocket launcher

-Concusion grenade
-Gas grenade, flash bomb
-EMP grenade, Scrambler grenade
-Noise maker

-Concussion mine
-EMP mine, scrambler mine

I've classed the weapons by variants, but some players can think of a different classification....

I prefer something more like DX 1 but the idea of a sort of unique or rare weapon isn't bad if your weapon is a prototype and can use some existing ammo it makes the weapon good and very useful if it's a good weapon.
But i don't like the DX 2 concept with the variants, the weapons have the same look and the variety begins by the look and the functions...
For the food it's an other thing, for exemple a soda can need only a change of a texture to be different, for the bottles it depends, but some bottles have the same look and get different products.
For the snacks bags we can made the same as the soda cans, we can use the SOY food, crisps, and some other products.

In the game I think it's good to have all sort of weapons abd a wide choice more than the previous DX's, and if some of us made this suggestion it's to have have a variants of most of items in the game and a variety of items, the items are all kind of objects we can found in the game
And for each item, we can found advantages and inconvenients
I take the exemple of two weapons of the same type

I take the exemple of the assault rifles
We have the size of the weapon
The ammo used by the weapon
The ammo types can be used for the weapon
The alt-fire
The mods accepted for the weapon
The upgrades aviable for the weapon
The rate of fire
The range
The base accuracy

assault rifle 1
-Weapon size 8
-Primary fire: fire the 7.62 mm bullets
-Secondary fire: flare gun
-Fire modes primary fire auto, s-auto
-7.62 mm clip size: 30 bullets upgradable to 40
-Flares clip size: 1 flare only not upgradable
-7.62 mm ammo type: perforating, poisonned, EMP
-Flares ammo type: lighting, flame, explosive, flash
-weapon mods: clip extentions, laser sight, infrared scanner, reload faster, recoil weapon mod, dammage modifier, ROF upgrade.

assault rifle 2
-Weapon size 12
-Primary fire: fire the 5.56 mm bullets or 40 mm grenades
-Secondary fire: 40 mm grenade launcher or scope
-Fire modes primary fire: auto, tracer, s-auto
-Fire modes secondary fire: impact, remote contrelled
-Smart scope with night vision
-5.56 mm clip size: 35 bullets upgradable to 50
-40 mm grenades clip size: 2 grenades upgradable
-5.56 mm ammo type: perforating, antipersonnel
-40 mm grenade ammo type: HE, frag, tear gas, smoke, flash, EMP, poison, rad, incendiary and buckshot
-weapon mods: clip extentions, laser sight, removable silencer, reload faster, recoil weapon mod, dammage modifier, ROF upgrade.

There are two similar weapons and they have different functions and uses.
some players will prefer the first weapon for its special upgrade, and low size, some others prefer the second for its functionality and the sniper function

This is an exemple I've posted in an other thread
But we can extand this to the other things and there only a sort of exemples to get the idea of what I think about it ...