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24th Mar 2008, 02:03
All video game characters have a backup weapon when you run out of ammuniton, but your backup weapon shouldnt use ammunition...its a backup weapon, for when you run out of ammo (like ammo for a handgun...or 2). I think if you beat hard mode or any mode there should be an even harder difficulty setting where you have to find ammo for the handguns and have a combat knife as a backup weapon. I know lara has a backpack but theres no way that tiny thing could hold all the ammo you go through while playing.

24th Mar 2008, 07:15
Have we learned yet whether the TRU story is a continuation of where Legend left off, or if it's seperate? If it is, then logically she should also start with the sword (which, as it so happens, doesn't use ammo). Although since it one-shots everything, I don't see that as being likely. So I'm curious how they explain it away, storywise.

24th Mar 2008, 14:24
The sword will go to a museum or something.

24th Mar 2008, 14:37
The sword will go to a museum or something.

Lara never gives away her artifacts that she finds... She always keeps them for her self :p

Anyway Lara always has her pistols (which don't use ammo) and if it is like Legend then she will have either a shotgun, Rifle or something big to go with it... But Lara has always had her pistols (which don't use up ammo as it is unlimited) and has always had other guns?