View Full Version : BO2 menus screenshots anyone?

23rd Mar 2008, 00:12
Well I finally got around to buying BO2! I got it used off of ebay because the stores here suck and only carry super recent Vista only games. :( Anyways. I was so excited to finally be able to play it as it was the only game in the series I hadn't played yet. It installed fine, I got to watch the intro and everything was fine. When I got to the menu, PAF! it hit me! The text wasn't in English! :mad2: I don't know what language it is in but it looks a bit like Russian to me. All the dialogues are in English, but I can't figure out the menus (and thus the controls). Would someone be as nice as to provide me with a few screenshots of the BO2 menus in English or French? Please?

23rd Mar 2008, 03:35
Man that sucks , well I found this while googling for a screen shot of a menu for the pc version.


and this ones for the ps2 version I took with my camera. sorry for the poor quality I don't know how to extract images from the ps2.


25th Mar 2008, 21:56
Thank you dragonfly (and sorry for the long time before I responded). Also, would you (or anyone, really) happen to have a screenshot of the controls options menu (or a list of the default controls in the order they appear on screen) for the PC version? I've been looking for it on google and several game FAQ and review sites and haven't had any luck yet :( I know the game tells me what to do when I first have to do it (like "press this or that key to jump") but besides staring at what's written and going "omg, look at all those little symbols :D they're so cute", I can't do much with that information.