View Full Version : USER INTERFACE Have any plans to add a server browser?

17th Dec 2013, 22:20
I'm generally not a fan of matchmaking especially in smaller communities. So far the game has been really fun to play but the problem I have with it is since it's matchmaking and the community feels kinda small I was wondering if you guys had plans to add a server browser so it'd be easier to get into a game. As it is, I spend atleast half the time of the scheduled hours waiting in lobbies.

17th Dec 2013, 22:46
We're in the worst of it right now.

We've done server browsers in the past and certainly appreciate the desire for one at this stage of the game. Once we open up to the beta audience, there should be enough active users to find a relevant match quickly and reduce the need for manual server selection. At that stage matchmaking becomes important so we can provide "fair" matches and also prevent exploits of the economy or progression systems.

If it was easier we would just throw a server browser in for now to alleviate the issues we would, but it would be throwaway work at this point and the team's already super busy pushing to beta.

17th Dec 2013, 23:12
What's the status for the party system atm Corey? It's already a pain as-is, even for those of us with voice communication. I can't imagine how it'd be for others.