View Full Version : if its gonna be realistic there should be a feature were it changes from day to night

22nd Mar 2008, 18:52
okkkkkkkkkkkkkkk in tomb raider games wen u start them u should hav to enter the time in your area and wen u start the levels it will look either light or dark or even wen the sun is setting cus... this might jus be me but i would like to see day change in TRU :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

22nd Mar 2008, 18:56
Gr8 Idea , Why not ?
I like the idea when we set the time , but i think this would suit the Croft Manor, about Levels i think they are limited by a period of time , i mean every level has it's own theme n Lara is supposed to finish it in a matter of 2 hours not a whole day !!!!!!! , but still cool idea and it's better for the Croft Manor

22nd Mar 2008, 19:59
I think they should work on the levels, puzzels etc. and not focus on eye candy like day/night change. Lara only spends a few hours in one location (and that's if youre a really bad player) and there's no need for that anyway.

22nd Mar 2008, 21:45
oohh, I love this idea. I was actually thinking about this. Your a mind reader michael-croft.

But like Jezyk said most of the levels have their own climate controls and times of day. And most people won't stay in the same level for days at a time... unless thier stuck. Or thier like me and going back to google to the landscape and pretty pictures on the wall. (Drools uncontrollably)

In theory its cool and I wouldn't mind it if it was a by level approach. Like only in the manor. They could always do it as a special event level too if they did it at all.

Watch the seasons and the lighting change as it goes from night to day.

Imaginary Whisk
22nd Mar 2008, 22:44
I wouldn't mind it if it wasn't paced real time & they had it where something like 2-5 minutes is a hour or something.