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21st Mar 2008, 13:25

what do you think about this?? for me Flashback and deusEx have a lot in common, maybe use some things from Flasback and fade to black(flashback2)


21st Mar 2008, 18:55
I don't think they have much in common with DX but the clips are great. I used to play Flashback when it was new and I liked it but it was pretty hard, IIRC.

22nd Mar 2008, 06:55
What's common with Flashback and Deus Ex ?

22nd Mar 2008, 12:06
There are some similar elements plot, some locations, tasks,

e.g. locations in flashback on earth you have to sneak to the night club, and find out secret basement, this style of deus ex

In second level you had to make different tasks e.g. : kill someone, deliver parcel, also was something with rescue some kind of terminal, this is also in style of deus ex, and locations had similar climat like in desu ex

Morover konrad also had to recharge his battery, becosue he had some kind of “balistic shield”

And plot, konrad also discovers conspirancy (only other thing is that there where aliens) and when he found out more, he was captured, like JC by MJ12, you’ve got brain which control whole planet, something like A.I. in deus EX which took out control on space station on moon(but that mission was never made, they just planed to do this) but no matter if this is Ai or brain connected with system of the planet this is still quite similar to helios A.I. which want merge with all people and in flashback this brain in simmilar whay controls aliens

So in Flashback was a lot of sci-fi elemnts which can be used in deus ex
e.g. vision of future cities , maybe aliens who can change theirs body structure-maybe with nano tech that can be possible, transport: metro in second level- you can get out on that station which you want; and flying cabs which you can call but NOT control,