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21st Mar 2008, 03:17
Hi people, well, my sister is trying to find the perfect acessories for a lara cosplay, so i showed her a lot of airsoft guns bacpacks & stuff like that...

we already figured out the clothes & guns, the holster will be the magnetic one angie used on TR movie 1, they´re quite easy to manipulate.
she´ll have a shoulder light, black bacpacks(like in the TR 8 pics), horsetail like in TR2 movie...

well, the only thing missing is that supercool rope thing of TR legend & anniversary, i´m trying to find it on ebay for decades, we came across a lot of diferent models but they´re all super heavy & big!!! so, does anyone here knows if laras rope is a manual launching style or is it like a gun?(if it´s manual, how the hell can a human bean lauch a rope that fast & with that precision???:eek: )

PS: here are the chosen guns:

double pistols:



my uncle builted it so i dont have any pics, but is very simple, made of fake leather and with a magnetic stone on each side to make the pistols be safe and easy to remove at the same time...



the shotgun holster is adapted to the bacpack

well, i´m sorry about creating a topic just for taht but i really want her to win this years cosplay competition:)

PS2: sorry about my bad english

rabid metro
21st Mar 2008, 06:15
... Lara's grapple makes me think ... Spiderman.

i don't think you could realistically find something like that so i would settle for something (convenient) that just suggests the concept.

some self-winding fishing line thingy with a magnet on the end would do it.
i mean its not like the cosplayer is actually going to use it ...

of course, you want it to look classy, so avoid aluminum foil and duct tape ...

21st Mar 2008, 12:36
This one doesn't collapse. (http://www.amazon.com/Folding-Grappling-Hook-Ninja-Gear/dp/B0009PGVG8) Dimensions aren't given either, so it might be too big to wear on your hip. You could contact the vendor though.

21st Mar 2008, 18:54
Thank u!!!!

rabid metro
22nd Mar 2008, 01:57
This one doesn't collapse. (http://www.amazon.com/Folding-Grappling-Hook-Ninja-Gear/dp/B0009PGVG8) Dimensions aren't given either...

hmmm ... somehow that grapple doesn't inspire Lara for me.

i sort of assumed you were looking for a hot, hi-tech grapple ...
http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u151/rabidmetro/legendthumb.jpg (http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u151/rabidmetro/legend1024.jpg)
perhaps similar to the one in the (clickable) Tomb Raider ad ...

best of luck to you!

22nd Mar 2008, 08:50
That's pretty cool to do...
G'd luck with it!