View Full Version : MISC. You guys really need to send out more keys.

17th Dec 2013, 18:01
Hi, guys.

It's getting really complicated to find people to fill up a server, especially if you launch the game more than half an hour after the servers are opened. People just play one game and then they're out.
I think you should send out at least like 3 times more keys than you already did.

(And if you could even give some to us so we could invite a few friends, that'd be great too)

17th Dec 2013, 19:00
We'll be enabling lots more players with access to the game once we reach Closed Beta.

17th Dec 2013, 22:49
any estimated date for that?

17th Dec 2013, 23:10
last told.. "Early next year"

18th Dec 2013, 10:43
last told.. "Early next year"


18th Dec 2013, 21:31
What's the current population at? I would love to know that stat.

7th Jan 2014, 03:23
I think they should fix the finding server bug so we can actually test the game and send another wave of invites so we can find some people to play!

11th Jan 2014, 02:08
Hey I was just wondering if there is any idea when next wave of invites will be? Also maybe possible to get some guest keys or something like for friends to try out? Please don't bash me just asking lol Got a buddy who has been hounding me about wanting to play this! Thanks guys

11th Jan 2014, 02:31
Would love some guest keys. My friend is dying to try this. I'm sure some more keys will go out soon though.

11th Jan 2014, 03:05
They just did some invites, took about a month or so. And we're all wanting a few invites.

11th Jan 2014, 03:13
I concur, I have a whole Skype group of 30 people or so complaining that I don't let them know anything and they they aren't getting keys haha. Oh well, invites would be great but as long as the development proceeds well I am happy. :)