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20th Mar 2008, 18:36
Okay, I just realised I have a problem with the camera in TR Anniversary. In some cases, I really cannot see the scene properly.
It is restrictive at some points, and it shouldn't be. Considering the amount of complexity being put in this game, I really do need to see the scene as I wish.

I propose a more flexible camera. For example, if I want to look straight down, I should be able to do so, without letting Lara hang off an edge.. Same thing with the "up".

rabid metro
21st Mar 2008, 05:03
... whatever the devs do with the camera, someone will be unhappy.

the camera is now more versatile than ever and its knocked for not being what it used to be and not being more versatile.

i'm happy with the camera and i suspect that the devs may tweak it slightly in tight places in future incarnations of tomb raider ...

they are like that!

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21st Mar 2008, 14:22
I think I identified what could make the camera more confortable.

The dynamics and current movement elastics should be unchanged, however, the dead-cones (one above and one below the sphere of movement, that touch peaks in the center of the sphere), should have the angles near 2 degrees, instead of about 15 which is now the current set up. This would allow to see above and below at better angles.

Also, maybe a pair of keys that would move the camera far/close.

Theese would not affect the regular gameplay and current dynamic, so it might be resonable to ask if it is possible to implement that.

Thanks! :)

Mangar The Dark
21st Mar 2008, 14:42
Good suggestions, BlackNowah.
While Rabid is right that people will never be 100% satisfied, I think your suggestions of adding a couple of tweaks to the current system (such as the ability to zoom, and the ability to look straight up or down) are practical and would be helpful, without requiring a complete overhaul of the engine.