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17th Mar 2008, 20:01
I know this is quite silly but i just got a special edition 2 DVD set with the 2 TR movies, and i notest that all the PS2 games were inspired(in terms of equipment) in the TR movies...

fo exemple:

-TR movie 1 (the new double pistols (the silver & black ones)
-TR movie 2 (the personal light source, in her left shoulder(can be seen in the aquatic sequence ''entering the luna temple'')
-the way lara recharges her pistols (from TR movie 1)
-the headset (TR movie 2)
-the nerd guy on the movies that assists lara trought the headset on movie 2
-the way she swims in AOD

well, there´s a LOT more... but i cant remember now...
do you guys know more stuff that the creators of TR took from the movies?

PS: sorry about the bad english

17th Mar 2008, 20:27
Hello and Welcome to the forums. Um yes I have noticed the similarities. You might notice the new Croft Manor looks very much like the one in the first film. I would've liked the garage to be include. But hey what are we gonna do. Also her looks are become more Angelina-ish.

18th Mar 2008, 18:10
welcome to the EF :D
yes they took alot of thing from the TR films even the logo :D which i find it not very bad idea well the both films were okay but they do needed more work any way about laras stuff they become more cooler and useful too

18th Mar 2008, 18:56
Actualyy quite a few were in the games from before, you knwo..
Anyhow, they are based on the same thing, TR!
So they would share similar stuff, right???

20th Mar 2008, 00:22
Yeah! I mean, i dont think is a bad idea, i find it quite exciting!!!

i did notest that the croft manor is quite similar too, and i wanted them to show the manor surroundings a bit more in the movies:)

I actually wonder if there´s going to be a third:confused: if so, wich new stuff will be added to the game series!!!!

I think we are so lucky to have TR movies, cuz with a movie buget they can hire professionals in the field, so we can always expect the best weapons & equipments!!!!:lol:

20th Mar 2008, 01:50
I came across something once but I think its just a rumor. Or wishful thinking. But it said there was a third film already in the making.

20th Mar 2008, 21:44
No there is not its a rumor Angelina jolie said once she well drop lara guns and that means she is no more lara and by that i mean she is the best actress 4 lara and the paramount said they are not very intrested 4 doing another film any way i hope they well make a 3rd film :cool: and i hope they'll choose a good actress just like AJ

I came across something once but I think its just a rumor. Or wishful thinking. But it said there was a third film already in the making.

rabid metro
21st Mar 2008, 05:13
tomb raider movies could survive without angelina ...

and a CG-oriented movie isn't such a bad idea ...

as for inspiration, one feeds the other, in a sort of creative circle ...