View Full Version : I will say one thing

16th Mar 2008, 21:30
TRL was fun to play although it had mayger problems. But what made me not wont to play it more than once was that when she found a gun all she did was use it and throw it back on the ground when she was done. That was no fun to me love gun inventory and will love to see it come back in TRU. Besides that TRL lacks lots of thinks to though but still would have been more funner if she had a gun inventory.

It would be nice if in TRU they give us the option to have her hair in ponytail or in the bread or just add more length to her ponytail and live it at that.

TRL great Atmoshphere. I would love to see TRL atmosphered in TRU game.
TRU is looking good so far. Can't wait to hear more about this game.:p