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16th Mar 2008, 21:14
Tomb Raider Underworld

Don’t let this discoursed you or anything but this is just what I feel how things was going from the time Crystal Dynamics took TR over. TRL and TRA wasn’t all that great and still could have been better so I still have high hops for TRU and hope it would be a hug step up form there other two game and better than TR1-6 or at lest as good as TR2-6. From what I read form TRU it seems like it is staring off good but yet so little has been said about the game.

1) 25 or more levels in this game. Long giant Hug levels to explore like in TR 2-6 was. TR 1 was too short to me and kind off TR2 to but it was still longer than one was. Levels should take 5-10min. to beat or more if they are long and have lost of things to do and lots to explore and things to find. If story line is good than lots of levels in TRU should be no problem.
2) Traps, puzzles, keys, artifices, automobiles, humans, animals, (blood I hope), obstacles, ect… Traps should be well hidden and not out in the open to see to well but make them hidden. Traps in TRA was good but was not hidden at all. I say no interactive cut scene in traps like in TRL but traps like TRA was fun and good but need to be hidden.
3) Lara guns should be in a weapon inventory like in TRA
4) I would like to see Lara crawl move to come back in TR games, swaps, quicksands.
5) I would like to see Lara in her tombs like environment as well as just being in a buildings as in the others TR games.
6) Bright beautiful colors in game like red, blue, green, pink, black, brown, purple, orange, white, yellow, ect… you get the idea. I would like to see more colors in TRU not just 2 or 3 colors used over and over aging or just dark colors but some bright colors as well, like in TR AOD, and in TR Legend.
7) In the mansions I would like to see more rooms. Full bathroom, front room, dinning room, family room, basement, kitchen, big backyard, Front yard just more things in her mansion I would like to see and more places to go and do stuff maybe put in secrets rooms in her mansion as well. Add more stuff and let use be able to explore the whole mansion. It should be as big as one of her levers if not bigger.
8) Let me explained question 2 better. What I mean by it should be 5-10min. long is if the game is good and there is lost to do and levels are long. Than you should not be able to just run throw a level really fast but there should be so much obstacles in your way that it takes that long any way and why have a short game. When all there is to do when you beat it is to seat around and what for the next game to come out. (And I don’t mean that all you do in life. Just talking about how long it is to what for the next TR game to come out feels like.)
9) I also hope that it is so much fun that you can play it three to four more times more and not just once. Like in TRL, TRA I feel that they were not fun enivfe to play more than once. When I go back and play it aging, I seem to get board or just seem to find that I rather play TR1-6 again. TRL was fun only the fist time around you should know way if you played it; it is missing a lot of things. TRA just wasn’t remade all that well but was a way better step up form TRL and you could play it probably more than once but the original was still way better. Maybe that is just me.
10) All in all in all I can say to Crystal Dynamics is to go back play TR2-6 and see for yourselves why TR2-6 was so cold compared to TRL and TRA. But let me not say that TRA pulled off a great work and was real good and a step up form TRL. TRL had great scenery but game was not so great. Love to see this great scenery in TRU.
11) Well I hade more to say but I ***ot what I wonted to say when I started typing maybe I should write it down when if fist comes to me anyway if I remember I would love to share it with everyone but until then I hop TRU is a hug set up not just a better step up. I only write how I feel because I like to here people feelings to about how they also feel about TR game and the upcoming one TRU. What do you feel would make a good TR game?

PS, Please give feed back love to here your commits to. :eek: