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15th Mar 2008, 03:25
I was messing around on the Opera level of Blood Money and I found an annoying bug, at least with my setup. You know near the start you can follow that workman into the toilets, kill him and steal his outfit? Well when you go back outside his red toolbox is there. When you walk next to it it tells you you can press the action button ('E', I think) to put an item inside it. When you press that button a list comes up of your items, right? Well for some odd reason when I press the up and down menu keys it always SKIPS one item and goes onto the next/previous. It's quite irritating trying to select a specific item. I know for this level it doesn't matter, but if there's ever a section in which there's three options (option 1, option 2, or cancel) I literally won't be able to select option 2!

It does not do this in the main menu options or ANYWHERE else, it's only in-game.

I've tried changing the sensitivity of my mouse (I know it's completely different but I was trying everything), I've tried changing the keys for the up/down in menus, and nothing works. Does anyone else have this, and can anyone suggest what I can do? I downloaded the game off of Steam.

15th Mar 2008, 12:48
Hm, I don't remember that happening to me..
Do you use mouse scroll wheel to cycle through items? (i.e. press and hold [E], scroll with mouse wheel to select an item, release [E]).

15th Mar 2008, 16:36
I've just tried setting the scroll button on the mouse to do that, and it's doing exactly the same thing - skipping past one item and going onto the next. I've tried Googling to see if anyone else had the same problem and I found one site that had this:

"Also, for some reason when I had multiple options, while on an elevator for example, I could not choose anything but the top and bottom option. I changed the speed on my keyboard as well as the controls, yet it would always skip to the top or the bottom of the lists. The workaround to this is that if you move in game, a tiny bit at a time, you can get the menu to change what is at the top of the menu."

Which is more or less the same, except sadly that workaround doesn't seem to work for me. Like I said so far it's not much of a problem, but if I ever get to a stage in which I cannot select an option then that's really going to be annoying/game-breaking.

In less than a month's time I'm going to be getting a new computer (all new aside from the mouse, and this game), so I guess all I can do is wait until then and hope the problem doesn't transfer across, but since the (Steam) game will be the same, who knows.

15th Mar 2008, 17:12
I don't think Steam has anything to do with it...

Just of curiosity, do you have any USB devices plugged in next to your keyboard/mouse. I mean stuff like joysticks, controllers, webcam, etc. Sometimes they (especially input devices) can interfere with controls. If you have them, try unplugging them and see if it changes anything.

15th Mar 2008, 18:41
The only thing I had plugged in was a webcam, which I've unplugged. The problem's still there, heh. Perhaps it's something to do with either the keyboard or the mouse I have, but I really don't see why that would be. And as I say if you go to the main menu and try it it all works like a charm.

Oh, by the way... As I said I set the in-game menu up/down buttons to the mouse's scroll wheel. I've found that if I scroll it up and down really quickly in the options sometimes it will land on one of the skipped choices. It's extremely hard to do but I've managed it once or twice like that. It seems like when I try normally the game is too sensitive, but I don't know why it's so selective.

I think the only thing I can do is wait and see what happens with my new computer. I only hope the problem isn't with the mouse since I'll be keeping my current one (it's a Logitech G5 so I paid enough for it!).