View Full Version : Thier 2 movies not playing

14th Mar 2008, 20:32
Bought this game last night at Big Lots :p Seems cool, I remembered hearing about it years ago. Anyways I couldn't get it to play at first. Reading some of the posts on this forum, I set its affinity to only use one CPU. Ok now I get it t play. Great.. issue is.. none of the movies play. I know they are supposed to be there, it's a blank screen and then it assumes I know things I don't :p

Any tips on getting the movies to play?

14th Mar 2008, 21:59
Open the GAME DISC. Find IV5PLAY.EXE Put it on the desktop (COPY/PASTE) and run it before you start the game.

I presume you are running XP. The drivers sometimes don't fire up in XP.

15th Mar 2008, 01:04
Movies get stuck in XP SP2. In addition to installing the codecs, some other fixes may be necessary. Look here and scroll down for several entries. You probably need to do the regsrvr32 permanent fix. With that, you don't have to install the codecs every time.


15th Mar 2008, 03:32
Thank you! The regsrvr32 permanent fix did the trick!

Genuinely appreciate it both of you :)