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11th Mar 2008, 02:02
New here, but I downloaded the demo of Conflict Denied Ops and installed alright. However, I was first told that I lacked a certain ".dll" so the game would not play. OK, I went onto the web and got and installed the missing ".dll." Next attempt at running the demo I was told that I lacked certain "open GL files" so the game would not play. OK, Windows told me the problem could be corrected by obtaining files from Creative Labs. I went and got the offending files and added them too. Well, third attempt yielded a "Missing integer" error (or something like that) in the newly installed AL (Open GL) files, with no info on how to solve the problem. So, there I am. I have a new enough machine to run this thing (running Crysis demo, COD4, Bioshock, among others, all with all the stops out) if it only came with all the files it should have. WTF?:mad2:

12th Mar 2008, 14:11
now u can imagine how us poor suckers feel that actually paid cash for this thing.
:mad2: :( :nut: :mad2:

16th Mar 2008, 03:48
Check the forum
existing same threads exist for this problem