View Full Version : My perfect "Tomb Raider: Underworld"

10th Mar 2008, 06:55
For Tomb Raider: Underworld to be my perfect 'Underworld' - or even my perfect Tomb Raider game - it should do the following:

a) It should be the longest Tomb Raider game yet. Even on easy. Especially on difficult (or 'Tomb Raider') mode.
b) The end of the 'Lara's mother' storyline, begun in Legend.
c) A complex, apocalyptic storyline, like Last Revelation mixed with Angel of Darkness. Early reports on the game, surrounding the five days of Wayeb, seem to confirm this already.
d) A twist ending, like Legend or Last Revelation. It shouldn't, however, be a twist that determines what the next game should be. It should leave lots to the imagination.
e) A really good soundtrack. The 'possible' Underworld theme has been posted on the Internet, and I really like it.
f) Vehicles. Not just ones in cut-scenes, but able to be used as well.
g) The classic, duel silver pistols. I'm not sure if this has been confirmed or not.
h) The return of Lara's vault room, complete with artefacts from previous adventures.
i) And finally, I'm pretty sure this is a long shot, but I'd like the environments in Underworld to be non-mission based. You can go anywhere, explore ancient caves, high mountains, ruined temples, without being forced onto a specific path by the mission itself, in much the same way as you can explore Vice City in "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City".

Some of these I think the game has alrady managed. Some of them it might not. What else do you guys think would make Tomb Raider: Underworld the best game yet?

10th Mar 2008, 15:00
Everything you said would be perfect. I don't know about the non-mission based exploration though...but other than that, I agree with everything. I just want total freedom, but I'm starting to think that maybe total freedom in games just will never be possible.