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Just Fan
7th Mar 2008, 01:12

I searched too much for my problem but i didn't get any solve.

The problem is when i try to start the game nothing happened.

No Load.
No Start.
No Thing!!

I tried to use a no-dvd crack.

But it crashes.

Here is my specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.20GHZ, 2MB Cache
nVidia GeForce 8500GT 512MB Up to 1024MB.
3GB DDR2 Ram

So, Any help ??!!

20th Mar 2008, 14:28
i have the exact same probleme dude :(, so please help someone!

(almost same specs to)

23rd Mar 2008, 11:49
me too nothing loads after 2-3 days !!:lol:

7th Dec 2008, 20:08
sounds like they sold us a blank dvd rom , lol:nut:
best chance is to go buy a different game not made by ediots:lol:

17th Dec 2008, 03:57
the same problem guys , it was running fine but now suddenly i feel like:mad2: :nut:

18th Dec 2008, 04:39
the real culprit for this problem i feel is the updateservices,
(C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\updateservices)
which might have changed the justcause.exe.
i even found the justcasue.exe in the settings tab of updateservices:eek:
what r ur views? any improvements?
hope u guys out there solve this problem thank you.:thumb:

19th Dec 2008, 17:16
r u people using mcafee?