View Full Version : Mayan Empire (miniEpisode)

6th Mar 2008, 14:07
I came accross this eysterday on iTunes and since it relates to TR:U, I thought I should share it with you guys who needed a little bit of extra info on the Mayan Empire, which has been mentioned a few times in the TR:U Chipas Mexico Demo shown to some lucky TR fans.

This little free episode is available on iTunes Podcast Section in the UK store [I believe] under the show Science Channel Video>Episode name: Strange Science - Mayan Empire.

It even has the exact same real life picture of the locaton where the TR:U demo screenshots were taken, which almost looks exactly the same in the demo.


6th Mar 2008, 23:55
That is extremely interesting. Thank you RUGRLN! :D

7th Mar 2008, 16:48
No prob!!