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6th Mar 2008, 08:21
My girlfriend recently bought a PC here in Beijing. I figured I'd try a few games on it..

Since I had Thief 3 on dvd, never played, it was 1st in the machine.

My PC is as follows :

Windows Vista Home Basic
Intel(R)Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2180 GHz
2.00 GB
NVidia GeForce 8400 GS

It installs fine, no drama. But when I double click to play :

The cursor changes from the little blue ring to a CD, and just stays on that.

Now this is my first time on Vista, so I have barely any knowledge on it.

Also, the Vista is annoying coz its in Chinese (since I'm in Beijing) but my girlfriend can translate on the most part for me.

Does it matter what language Vista you have in relation to games?

I've read one solution on some GameTap site, but I didn't get mine through them so I don't have the same directories, etc..

Also, read numerous, change compatibility, also, untick the use of one cpu in Affinity (which I worked out which one was last night) but still no change.

Thanks for your time.

- Mike

6th Mar 2008, 17:33
You need to set affinity of both t3.exe and t3main.exe to a single processor. t3.exe does not work with imagecfg. For a permanent change use ProcessWatch. You can try it manually first. Try that and report back.

I don't know much about Vista, and certainly not the Chinese version. You could do a search for Vista and see if there are any other issues. Good luck.

7th Mar 2008, 02:02
I've only seen t3.exe.. never t3main.exe in the task manager..

Ah well, I'll give processwatch a shot and report back to you :)


7th Mar 2008, 04:50
t3main.exe is definitely in the task manager, at least in my version of the program. No matter which of the two EXEs I start, the other one is invoked, and they both run. I suggest you look again and make sure that ProcessWatch is watching them both.

19th Mar 2008, 22:53
I'm having the same CTD problem in Vista as many others in here have already posted.

I've also tried ProcessWatch (after having to spend time looking for it and reading about it - you all need to stop assuming everyone else here knows what you do) to no effect.

I am sure that in order to get past the CTD, you'll have to get an affinity setting before the program is executed.

So... how does one do that, and if it's a command line thing, please supply the command. Thanks in advance.

Yours Researching...

--- DanekJovax

24th Mar 2008, 05:03
I've also tried ProcessWatch (after having to spend time looking for it and reading about it - you all need to stop assuming everyone else here knows what you do) to no effect.
You need to stop assuming that we are your servants and that we owe you some level of detail in our response. We are not Eidos employees, and we do not get paid for this. I am not going to give you, or the hundreds like you, step-by-step instructions under the presumption that you don't know what you are doing. If you have specific questions, you may ask. Nicely.

Did you actually get ProcessWatch to run and to watch t3.exe and t3main.exe? Did you check (using the Task Manager [CTRL-ALT-DEL]/ Processes tab, and by right clicking on the process names and selecting Set Affinity) that both t3.exe and t3main.exe were running on a single processor?

The above is the manual procedure, too. It must be applied after the game starts but before the 3-D game graphics are displayed. After right clicking on the process, select Set Affinity and then you may check the box for the CPU you want it to run on. If the manual procedure works, ProcessWatch is the simplest way to make it permanent.

I have no idea what is causing this problem if it is not the affinity setting. As I said, you can do a search for Vista and see what comes up.