View Full Version : Lagging Issue with a 2900Pro?

4th Mar 2008, 01:34
I've experienced quite a bit of lag every few seconds or so. It's not constant, but it's annoying because the game will be playing smoothly and just go choppy when I'm shooting. I have the newest Catalyst drivers installed, and I'm not sure why this game would lag on a Quad Core computer with a 2900PRO. Windows Live also sucks, and it's so sad Eidos implemented that. My firewall always blocks games unless they use a non-spying online network. Trust me, I buy games, but I will never let any of them violate my privacy. Also the sound is extremely choppy with my rig.

As many users here have already stated, you should release a patch, and please check the performance with ATI Direct X 10 cards and fix it!

Trust me, it's a good game, but I will never play it again until you fix the bugs!!!!!!

Come on Eidos. You know better. Your Tomb Raider series are much better!

11th Mar 2008, 05:01
How long does it take to release a patch? Goodness! People have been begging for over four months!!!!!?!?!?