View Full Version : I hope a 'Project: Snowblind 2' coincidies with the release of Deus Ex 3

3rd Mar 2008, 01:23
Before you say 'no' keep in mind that PS was the action oriented version of Deus Ex, they're diffrent, just because a game is run-and-gun doesn't mean it's 'dumb' it's just a diffrent way of playing. Plus Snowblind had a good multiplayer component (unlike DX's mediocre MP) except I'd like a 64-player tactical multiplayer, as well as a classic (ie no classes) 2-32 multiplayer experience.

3rd Mar 2008, 01:26
(unlike DX's mediocre MP)

Am I the only one who enjoyed DXMP? True, it only really consisted of levelling up the heavy weapons skill, grabbing a GEP gun and placing LAMs on EVERY DOORFRAME IN SIGHT....

but I still liked it :P

3rd Mar 2008, 06:39
Hmm... I rather have DX3 and with a multiplayer. Everyone I know likes DXMP better than PSMP. Everyone I know from DXMP didn't move on to PSMP when it was released. They all came back saying it's not great, and that you can't use a combination of augs like DXMP.

3rd Mar 2008, 21:08
Right now SCI does not have money to throw around. Deus Ex 3 and Tomb Raider are top priorities. They need to sell well and I'm hoping they both go platinum. (1 million sold)

3rd Mar 2008, 21:49
The idea of a Project: Snowblind multiplayer component, sort of like what Team Fortress is to Half Life, would be cool, but I could only see that happening if DX3 was being developed by an independent dev. Sadly, something tells me that Eidos has other priorities.