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3rd Mar 2008, 00:47
For example, in the first game you couldn't kill Manderley, you could but the game wouldn't let you proceed. Well I hope that in this game the game will still proceed, making account of what you did. So if you were to kill a main character the plot would branch out. Another example would be how, no matter what you did, you found out about the conspiracy in Deus Ex, well I propose that in this game depending on what you do (or don't do) you won't find out about any form of conspiracy (assuming there is one). And finally I hope there are more endings that mirror more your choices, in the original I got the Illuminati ending, this ending was vaguely accurate (on my choices) but I hope there are endings that mirror some of the specific (important) choices you make.

3rd Mar 2008, 00:58
...I hope there are endings that mirror some of the specific (important) choices you make.

Difficult to achieve, might be possible in the way the Fallout series did it (short clips of each location and a brief voice over explaining what happened there) but this wouldn't feel like Deus Ex.

If I were implementing more specific 'endings', Id keep the main ones (Illuminati, Dark Age etc) but, say, before the final mission have the leader of your faction fill you in with details. So, say you decided to go with the Illuminati, before jetting off to the final mission, have a conversation with Everett:

JC: Whats happening in <insert location>?
Everett: You got most of em, but theres still a fairly heavy police presence. <Character> got out, but <Another character> was caught over in <another location>

Thus wrapping up things you could do (but didnt have to) while still having a generic 'BIG ENDING SEQUENCE'

Only kidding, no spoilers here