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2nd Mar 2008, 14:15
It occured to me that my feelings about these games and their sequels were almost identical.

Both Deus Ex and The Longest Journey were wonderful games with expansive an expansive world and incredibly creative plot. They both had many items and npcs that, while not crucial to the storyline, padded out the environment and made it feel more 'real'.

And both their sequels went wrong in the same ways - they changed too much from the original, they simplified the gameplay and plot, they were both far shorter than the originals. They were both much 'prettier' games, sure, but the cost of plot depth, game length, gameplay and 'realistic world' feel was far too high to justify them looking nicer.

Anyone else play these games / agree / disagree / want to get pizza?

2nd Mar 2008, 14:21
Anyone else play these games / agree / disagree / want to get pizza?

Yes, I played it. Loved the first. Liked the second...less.
I think this can be said about 90% of all sequels.

Got pepperoni with bullets? :D

2nd Mar 2008, 14:30
Got pepperoni with bullets? :D

Sure, just let me grab a coupla cans of 'PRODUCT PLACEMENT HERE'

2nd Mar 2008, 15:50
I haven't played The Longest Journey (yet) as I usually avoid adventures... they make me frustrated and jumpy :mad2:

I take some pizza though

2nd Mar 2008, 20:19
Despite being very different games they both share some similar strengths. Deus Ex could be classified as an action-adventure-rpg. Also, both games were made for a specific target audience. Dreamfall wasn't a total failure in my book though (at least it had the balls to try something different, unusual in the adventure genre), and it was just the sequel in a trilogy (though it may be a long wait till the third).

4th Mar 2008, 07:24
TLJ was one of my favorite games; definitely the best adventure game I've ever played. It was all about the story and character: the two essentials for great drama...

I'm a FPS guy through and through, but TLJ transcended genres. Anyone who hasn't played it should check it out, regardless of the type of game they like...

4th Mar 2008, 14:05
I only played The longest Journey - Dreamfall and I must say I ******* love this game! The story is told very good and I liked also the way you play it!

Maybe if I had played the first game I would have another opinion now...



5th Mar 2008, 09:15
Something wierd is that a "Collapse" is mentionned at one point in Dreamfall...