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27th Feb 2008, 22:39
Last night I was busy with a drawing of Lara
(Which I'll show you guys sometime :))
When finished I got to the bathroom before going to bed
On my way there I thought I saw and heard a fly, but somehow I thought it was a musquitoe..
I don't know why, but I immidiately thought about the summer and there were a lot of musquitoes flying around..
And because my head was filled with Tomb Raider (because of the drawing) I came up with an Idea..

What if there are some musquitoes in Underworld which can sting Lara too..
She could have red swellings because of the musquitoe bites.
That would make it realy realistic don't you think?
also, normally when she's standing still for a long time she does some things (like streching or other things I can't come up with right now..) what if she (if a musquitoe has bited her) also scratch that place, and red swelling would get bigger because it gets irritated..
(if you know what I mean..)

I don't know, probaly just some weird idea I came up with.. :rasp:
I just wanted to share it with you, people! ;) :cool:


27th Feb 2008, 23:11
well, basically it's a nice idea, another small detail that could be added. But I guess you would have to definitely simplify the whole thing. Actually keeping track of mosquito bites, their sizes and where she should scratch / has already scratched seems a bit overkill for a small detail, that, after all, is only a visual detail with no relevance to gameplay.

Although... would be ridiculous if Lara dropped from a ledge she was hanging on because she simply had to scratch that mosquito bite she got. Not fun to play, but ridiculous to watch :)

28th Feb 2008, 04:58
I don't like mosquitoes, to have them in underworld, watch Lara scratch is very unbecoming of miss croft. Let's just pretend that she has bug repellent of some kind. Maybe a cream. If she were to scratch and I were to hear them it'll make have an urge to scratch as well. :scratch:

28th Feb 2008, 12:33
umm mybe its a ggod idea though ! but i dont want her health to go low na its just a mosquitoe so as u said Lara will start to strech hehehehe nice idea really :D

28th Feb 2008, 12:50
I'm not sure I like the scratching bit, with red swellings and all. But a few irritating ones that buzz and Lara flicks them away if she stands still long enough

What about oversized mossies? Ones the size of the TRA bats or bigger? As a proper a enemy in a tropical environment?

William Croft
28th Feb 2008, 20:54
Its a good idea to see them buzzing around but to have them sting Lara would be highly irratating if she lost health. If not and she just starting scrathing them it would be a brilliant idea although while shes shooting and back filliping and suddenly scratch them in the middle it would be a tiny bit wierd. also Lara being a red mutant with many mosqitoue bits could be a bit un-actractive. I would love to see insects flying about but no stingy :thumbsup: Good idea though.