View Full Version : Just a little help understanding some coordenates

27th Feb 2008, 02:18
Okay, this is my first time making a playable level (I made some levels before, but didn't convert them), so it is my first time converting levels and such...
But when I want to output the WAD, a message appears saying:
"Invalid door(s) at room 0 : x 10 y 5 : x 10 y 5 " or something like that...
I understand that maybe some doors are not on the levels they are supposed to be (like the door of the bottom room is lower than the highest point of that room), but I don't know if it is at room 0, or room 5, nor which are those coordenates.
Can someone help?

27th Feb 2008, 02:32
Nevermind, I decided to delete all the doors of the room and put them again...
It worked....
Sorry for the trouble