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14th Dec 2013, 20:58
So with Nosgoth being an online game and all, is there any plans for any story development through different mediums? Other online games have taken this approach, through novels, comics, etc. And I think the LoK series more than DESERVES this kind of expansion. I know we have the blogs that fill us in on different aspects of the lore and all, but it'd be awesome to see much more than this. Perhaps even novelizations of the entire series, just to get new fans up to speed. Or even some kind of webseries detailing the Vampire Civil War would be awesome (reading how Dumah and Turel faced off with one another totally gave me the idea of wanting to see this in action).

I know in the past we had our two 'prelude' comics for SR1 and Defiance, but it'd be awesome to see LoK on a much higher scale. And with shows like Game of Thrones garnering a massive fanbase, I think a series like this would definitely appeal to these kind of people.

14th Dec 2013, 21:51
OMG!! I LOVE the idea of a novel :D
I would write something if my english was better xDD

15th Dec 2013, 17:01
I'd write one if I was given the chance to. It'd be a dream job to work alongside the keepers of the LoK lore and create something awesome out of it.

17th Dec 2013, 09:50
Don't quote me, but iirc in regards to the maps, from what I read, they won't be doing any locations from the LoK games, at least not yet.

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17th Dec 2013, 10:33
I'd love to see the lore blogs put into a comic book - especially the Razielim and Alchemist blog posts :D

17th Dec 2013, 10:45
That would be pretty awesome. Perhaps even a 'Nosgoth' miniseries or Graphic Novel. I'd also like to see a live action (or animated) webseries that elaborates on the decline of the Clans, and really gets in on the mindset of each Lieutenant.

17th Dec 2013, 14:00
Check this out: