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24th Feb 2008, 00:50
My ideas
1.)It should have a special level (including croft manor) that doesnt involve the game, for instince, win or do something the reward is that level. Kinda like the Style Unit gameplay in TRA only you have to kill stuff and it has puzzles.

2.)I also think a puzzle like in TRAOD with the wheel thing that opened that whole would be sooo fun and cool.

3.)Able to drive a jeep or something

4.)Able to run in different areas, not like TRL when it stops you from going to wrong areas. Let us explore

5.)On Xbox360 version make it like halo 3, after you finish the game, you should be able to rewatch what you did, and make mini movies.

6.)Also it should have a two way vision thing were you can press a button and it turns into a way like halo three were all you can see it the tips of the gun or something while you play.

24th Feb 2008, 04:47
Like a first person shooter? I think that would be very cumbersome for tombs.

rabid metro
24th Feb 2008, 10:20
... i like paper mario, sooo ... i wish they would make a 2D side scrolling game that ...

24th Feb 2008, 12:02
first person view ??! ..... in Tomb Raider ???!!!..... GIMME A BREAAAAAAAAK !!!!!!

rabid metro
25th Feb 2008, 06:08
when Lara can use first person, she doesn't move ...