View Full Version : How to jump from one level to another

23rd Feb 2008, 20:21
I had TRLE some time ago, but recently decided to make a level seriously (with the amount of skill I have of course, which is null).
But I wanted to do some sort of series of levels, where you go from a cave to some ruins, and back to the cave, then the ruins etc...but I don't know how to make lara go from one level to the other and back to the same level (but in another location), without the levels reseting when one goes into them again..

Any help?

24th Feb 2008, 12:42
You have to use LARA_START_POS in the wad to mark a place where Lara can jump to. Then you use a finish trigger to go to the alternate place in the level. There is a tutorial about it somewhere. Try searching the forum for level jump.