View Full Version : Another damn bug! Help!

22nd Feb 2008, 08:01
Well, game ran nicely, but there is damn bug with terrain. I guess this screenshot tell you anything.
http://img512.imageshack.us/img512/8726/98765390mb7.th.jpg (http://img512.imageshack.us/my.php?image=98765390mb7.jpg)
It's interesting that it does this even when I'm not at mountains (but it always do in helicopters, planes). And when I press M to get menu withp map ant etc., it just writes ,,Loading".
Please help, I can't finish mission with this.(I can't play game with this bug)
(if there be someone who can help, I can send him my save and he can finish mission for me):)
Please help!

22nd Feb 2008, 14:50
btw, when I fly above that bugged country (like in the picture), after 30-40 second game shuts down and it writes- there is a problem with justcause.exe....
(I guess you know what I mean)
Does that mean that exe file is bad?

23rd Mar 2008, 11:58
invisable mountain

try changing ur settings from 1024/768 to 800/600 and change texture...etc from high to medium