View Full Version : 3 things we should definetly have in underworld

aditya bakshi
20th Feb 2008, 08:03
1)puzzles should be more harder.
2)journey of the game more in open enviroment.
3)good story and background score.

20th Feb 2008, 19:28
1) Long & Interesting Gameplay
2) Extra Features (Outfits , Minigames and quests , Fun features like hairdressing & shopping , Croft Manor)
3) Concentrate on the puzzles & boss fights to be smart not difficult (NOT LIKE THE STUPID DUMMY CENTUARS)

23rd Feb 2008, 23:25
1. In Croft Manor, Being Able To Shoot Winston. Jus Like In The Old Game. (jus A Small Request)
2. Levels Should Be Tricky Not Hard.
3. Guns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!