View Full Version : Lara Croft - Tomb Raider

Captain Mazda
19th Feb 2008, 13:25
Legend Hysteria. Enjoy =]


William Croft
19th Feb 2008, 16:42
Ooooh, Thanks for that, its really good. Really got me excited about TR:U Thanks for that :thumbsup: Real good video.

19th Feb 2008, 16:46
heyyyyyyy nice vid really i luved it :D

20th Feb 2008, 02:32
great movie! Its alot better than some other ones I have seen. What system do you play Legend on? xbox360? cause your graphics are alot better than my PS2 and I thought those were pretty good

Captain Mazda
20th Feb 2008, 02:46
PC actually.

20th Feb 2008, 04:06
Hey, good compilations of Lara :D

Did I see some CG renders in there? (tv ad, and something else)

Wow, how do you get such good frame rates without any page tearing?

1 more question if you can bare it. I remember in a thread you said that the nextgen water effects and mud effects on Lara weren't there on PC because it was a bug... so is there any way to fix it?

Captain Mazda
20th Feb 2008, 04:55
Basically, using CG Lara as an example, her outfits have special mesh textures that display dirt and water. Some outfits, such as the dresses, don't have these textures. The same applies for NG Lara, except in this case none of her outfits seem to have the mud/water textures to call up.

If I decided to take a look at the engine's file system a bit more carefully, I might be able to discover a way to actually create those textures myself. I heavily doubt it's possible though and the effort would be a bit of a waste. Underworld's not too far away anyways ;)

20th Feb 2008, 07:53
Very good! All of its timed perfectly! The Kazakhstan interactive cutscenes are perfect.