View Full Version : Huge problem with readables

19th Feb 2008, 04:27
This has been going on for quite a while. I'm playing TG, T2 and FMs through Darkloader 4.3 on a reconditioned Dell with W98, used only for Thief.
The problem has been just opening readables, but just lately it has got so much worse: when (or if) I do manage to open something it displays for only a second or so. Which is no help at all!

I think it may have something to do with the Dell, which I bought after so many failed attempts to play on my other computer which ran the games beautifully before being upgraded.
I've reinstalled everything, without success. But I guess I'll have to try that again. If I can only get back to the previous problem (hard to open all readables, but at least I had time to read them!)

Has anyone had a similar problem?

20th Feb 2008, 15:22
I do not recall hearing about this particular problem. There are all kinds of pitfalls in running Thief on a modern computer, including setting affinity to one processor, the need to register the codecs, having the right version of your video driver, using the safe_texture_manager fix, some Vista-specific things, etc. Many of these are described here, and you can find them by perusing posts or a search. Another handy source is the TTLG FAQ:


Please post your system stats in detail, try some of these things, and tell us what you have done to try to correct the problem. Then maybe we can chip away at it. Also, if you find a fix, please post that, too. Others need to know.

Edit: The best OS for Thief is 2000 or XP. 98 should give fewer problems on an old computer, but who knows how 98 works on a modern computer.