View Full Version : Any ideas while we wait?

18th Feb 2008, 06:33
Okay, SO- I cannot wait for Underworld to come out. and I mean that literally...I have tried many video games other than Tomb Raider and I can't seem to find any other one that I like...My boyfriend keeps telling me to branch out a little bit and honestly, I can't. I have gone up and down with all the Tomb Raider games, mainly Legend and Anniversary, completing 100% (well, sorta, just haven't finished all the time trials) and I'm getting anxious and antzy for Underworld. I want something new-hence Underworld. I need something to keep me occupied until then, does anyone have any good game ideas that is somewhat like Tomb Raider? I know Eidos makes good games, especially in the graphics department..help me out and give me some ideas to tide me over until next CHristmas, hopefully sooner :)