View Full Version : MISC. Synchronizing profile

14th Dec 2013, 00:36
I've encountered an issue where the game starts, and I have a window in the middle of the screen (in game not menu) saying that it is Synchronizing online profile, 5 games now, a lot of people complaining that they have an "AFKer" in the game when I join because of this glitch, synchronizing your profile to your character in game should be something handled during loading, not when the game starts. Please fix this because the game is completely unplayable, I have uninstalled and reinstalled, checked the integrity of the cache, and so on and so forth, none the less, an issue that needs resolving.

14th Dec 2013, 00:58
It is fixed but we need to deploy a new build.

14th Dec 2013, 01:09
Corey thanks for the reaction.

Will also add this to the buglist that it is fixed.

14th Dec 2013, 14:21
Much appreciated, I was looking forward to getting to see what this game was about just to be met with this unfortunate event. Thanks for fixing it!