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16th Feb 2008, 10:23
I like the fact that you can take inventory from unconscious or dead bodies, and I think that there are a lot more possibilities for interesting game play that way, if we expand the range of items that are in the game.

For example, almost everybody now (in the real world) carries a mobile phone. Granted, most soldiers probably don't carry one when they're in uniform, but I assume they have a communicator of some kind. What if you could collect these, and use them to decoy enemies? You could place a phone in an area away from where you want to go, then move to a different location, and call it. When it rings, the soldiers/guards will go to see where the noise is coming from, and probably destroy it, but meanwhile you have already sneaked past them.

I suppose if you want to be ultra-realistic, you'd have to carry at least one phone at all times, otherwise you can't call the phone you laid down, and I think that you'd only be able to lay down one phone at a time, otherwise the interface would be too complicated (you'd have to start remembering phone numbers, or there'd have to be some way to choose which phone you want to call).

I'm sure that there are lots of other ideas for new inventory items, possibly some that the developers haven't even thought of yet.

Lo Bruto
17th Feb 2008, 00:35
Nice idea, but don't the Noisemaker (Only present in IW) already do this?

17th Feb 2008, 17:04
Why the soldiers wants to destroy the phone ? They pick-up the phone and call their girlfriend :P

Seriously, I think we can use something like a phone but for made jokes for for you ennemies. For exemple you can use your device to call your target (If you found his phone number) his phone ring, he can move out his place to take his phone (if the phone is far) or be distracted by the phone.
You can made all sorts of traps or separate 2 guards or more, to kill them silently, simply knock them!

Your idea of a phone sounds good, and callig without using a number is a good too.
One item must have an other uses or the same use with more functions than an already existing items to be useful or replace an existing item.
The thing it's some items can be useless too ....
It depends if you want an useful item or not.

Lo Bruto
17th Feb 2008, 20:38
Call the guards? What is it? The Sims? :scratch:
Ahahaahahaha... just joking...