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15th Feb 2008, 23:11
the trailer that usually comes up if you don't do anything after a while on the main menu comes up straight away when you reach the menu and just keeps looping. i can press esc which takes me back for about a 1/4 of a second before starting again. when i hold down esc it will kep flashing allowing me to press new game but then the screen goes small and freezes. any ideas?

16th Feb 2008, 21:22
The movie looping problem is caused by dual core, dual processors, or hyperthreading. To fix it, you need to set affinity of two different processes to run on a single core. The processes are t3.exe and t3main.exe. Problem is, the standard fix using imagecfg does not work on t3.exe. I have found two methods to do this:

a little utility called XCPU:

A freeware program called ProcessWatch. Do a google search. ProcessWatch is actually the simpler method. It will handle both t3main.exe and t3.exe, with no need to use imagecfg. It needs to be running before you invoke Thief 3.

Please report back with your results, successful or not.

16th Feb 2008, 22:25
processwatch was successful