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12th Feb 2008, 13:17
For those who do not know of Track IR it is an infra red sensor used to detect the players head movement and transform that movement to the in game characters’ head. It gets used a lot in simulation and racing games and has been used in Armed Assault (a first person combat simulator).

Its use allows the player full control over just the head thus improving situational awareness. It provides so much immersion that you feel part of the person rather than just the controller, using the system is much easier than I thought it would be as well, I suspected I would need a few hours to learn how to use it but in fact it is completely intuitive.

You can check the website out using the link below; I think the flight demonstration is probably the best presented example of what can be done.


I am interested in the communities’ thoughts on this being used in Deus Ex, I think it would add the extra edge that we need, so please post your opinions.
Thanks very much.

12th Feb 2008, 15:03
It's cool for flight/driving sims where you are supposed to sit on a mounted seat but with games like DX it would feel very odd.

12th Feb 2008, 15:16
i thought it was interesting but i dont like the way that you are still looking ahead at your screen as you turn your head to look around, the leaning was pretty cool though, it would probably work better with 3 monitors, one in front and two angled at 45 degrees to the sides if you had that setup.
or if semi circular gaming screens came out, if they havent already? i think a semi circular gaming screen may have more of an impact from what i have seen in demos of full vision viewing at theme parks, or combined they could be cool.

but in a general enviroment - good and bad, i would need to try it for myself to give a truly valid opinion but on the face of what i have seen so far i dont think i would bother.

still here is one of their demos on youtube


i had more interest in 3d specs but never got them as most said they were not too good. but 3d specs and this tech would probably be very impressive if done well, you could then make the head sensor part an integral feature of that system, if it hadnt been done already?

Lo Bruto
12th Feb 2008, 16:04
I really wish to play DX3 without the necessity of buying new peripherals. They're expensive and I'm poor. :nut:

12th Feb 2008, 16:09
...which is what most people wish unless this hardware becomes a standard. Also TrackIR needs to be operated with software that was programmed for it or it uses a not really satisfying emulation-mode. This might be suitable for professional flight sims but not for mass market games.

12th Feb 2008, 16:36
Thanks for the replies folks,

Of course if TrackIR was used it would have to be selected on or off for those who don't have TrackIR or don't want it.

I an ideal world more selections would be open for the players choice, I mean Call Of Duty 4 had no fire selecter on the weapons, what on earth is that about? They have taken a giant leap back into the past, why not just make that sort of option selectable by the end user. Its more work granted but devs should strive to improve and out do the previous games.

12th Feb 2008, 17:13
I absoultely agree that game devs in general should include more options!

You think different fire modes don't appeal to the masses - ok, turn it off in the default profile, you want to see your inventory? ok, use the rpg-profile instead. you want to limit your inventory to a specific weight? ok, use the rpg-profile. You still don't want the realistic recoil but all the other rpg-elements available? Ok, create your own profile(s).

That's the way they successfully did it with flight sims like MS Flight Simulator for example. I realize that this requires a huge amount of extra testing, that it is hard to balance and that it requires some extra coding but after all it would also open the game to a much broader audience - the hardcore players as well as the arcade (aka casual) gamers and everything in between... if done correctly.

I've often wondered why this happens so seldom... Especially with features that have been cut last minute. Maybe because of the need for extra-testing but still I think this is the way to make most people happy (which means money and fame) with your game.

Lo Bruto
12th Feb 2008, 18:11
Fire selector in a Military Simulator is a must need.
I didn't know COD4 don't have it. Lame. I prefer shooting in Semi-Auto mode, it's way more accurate than spraying everywhere.

13th Feb 2008, 01:58
I think the game should support Head tracking just as the previous two games did as well. (as they are both Unreal based it supports HT)

You can use any head tracker to do what that video does, heck you can even use a Wii remote :D.

13th Feb 2008, 02:05
I'm gonna get a TackIr and two foots peddles and 2 analog joysticks with finger and thumbs buttons and see if I can control all of space and time.

13th Feb 2008, 03:17
I'm gonna get a TackIr and two foots peddles and 2 analog joysticks with finger and thumbs buttons and see if I can control all of space and time.

lol - redfeather, you think thats hardcore?

i got the full motorised gimp suite with sensor gloves, vibrations, electric impuses - it all plugs in and oooooooohh, just stay clear of the spider bots :lol:

too much info :eek:

13th Feb 2008, 03:44
Oh crap, you quoted me. :(
Now I can't correct my speeling mistakes I just noticed. Foots peddles and thumbs buttons. :nut:

10th May 2011, 22:02
Dear Eidos Montreal,

Please make the PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution a TrackIR supported title. Myself and other of your end consumers know it's very unlikely(considering the very few posts here requesting TrackIR support) you will decide to do so; and therefore would be more than grateful for a patch AFTER the game has been released - we are not asking for something impossible/prior to August 2011 !

Considering the mature audience of the original Deus Ex, who will also be purchasing your title, i think you would be surprised that many of us also have games such as ARMAII or are flight sim enthusiasts(we love technology!) and use this popular device from NaturalPoint( http://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/ ) to augment our PC gaming experience :whistle: i think DE:HR would benefit from this technology for better immersion in the game/story. It's "simple" mouse emulation please give it at least a look...

For you PC gamers: If you are reading this and want the same thing i do(TrackIR support), you need to post on here(go through the pain of registering to this forum) :mad2: please

Thank you / Merci beaucoup !


10th May 2011, 22:25
Is really moving the mouse slightly to the left and right that damn hard?

10th May 2011, 22:29

10th May 2011, 22:41
More like this Alex.