View Full Version : Win a PS3 with Conflict: Denied Ops

12th Feb 2008, 10:26
Fancy the chance of winning a PS3 and seeing a large pair of breasts?

Click here* (http://www.zootoday.com/lateststuff/archive/2008/02/05/win-a-ps3-with-conflict.htm)

*Contains adult content which might not suitable for everyone so be advised and click with caution :)

13th Feb 2008, 03:13
Please Eidos NO MORE COMPS
Please instead focus your time/efforts/money on fixing the game
and listening to customers instead

20th Feb 2008, 20:11
Looks like this ended on 19 Feb so I'm a day late. Oh, and yeah - don't want to look at this site at work. There's a good chance you'll get busted by the nearest active feminist at your worksite. :p