View Full Version : Pre-order Conflict Denied ops on steam - get a free game (only for people in USA)

8th Feb 2008, 14:29
Pre-purchase and get Deus Ex: Game of the Year for *free* right now!

Read about this on bluesnews.com:

Conflict: Denied Ops Pre-purchase Offer [07 February 2008]
Steam, the service is offering a free copy of
Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition to anyone who pre-purchases Conflict: Denied Ops from Steam.

Word is: "This offer ends on February 12th in North America (USA)
and 08 February 2008 everywhere else."


Why does stuff like this still go on ?
You see it all the time on steam and
online digital download methods
XZY game costs half in USA , double in AU

Why , it cant use the same old reason its retail chains ,
you gotta send it longer distance that doesnt exist online ,
it takes the same time if your in USA or AU .

Myself I like a retail boxed copy since its often cheaper or the
same price as online digital download


Steam price US$59.95 (AU$67.15)

Retail store - cheapgames.com.au
AU$59.95 (US$53.52)